A monthly subscription service of classic games for modern gamers.

A family friendly VR puzzle game!


A collection of development and publishing veterans focusing our expertise and resources into supporting game creators in developing and releasing their original IP as well as helping classic game makers re-release their lost masterpieces.



We provide seed capital and project financing to small indie teams (2-5 team members) and allow the creators to retain 100% of their IP ownership. We also provide budget and expertise in the marketing, distribution, production, and development of their games and assist them in working with platforms such as Steam, GOG, Humble, Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and the Nintendo eShop to release their game internationally with a proper launch campaign to ensure maximum exposure.


We are focused on two types of publishing and investment:

  • Creator-owned original IP - new games by new teams.

  • Retro Re-releases - Classic games which need porting / remastering / legal work.

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